So today we played Capture the Flag at CHB. If you remember, I had a broken arm before, but I drank some nectar, and its fine now, so I got to play.

The sides were pretty uneven.... The head cabins were Athena and Ares, unsurprisingly. There are 21 cabins in Camp now... The 12 Olympic Gods, The Sanctuary (Cabin dedicated to Rhea and Henry), Iris, Hecate, Hades, Eros, Hesita, Janus, Nemesis, and Morpheus. The numbers have all been changed, to the following (the head counselors names have been changed):

# God Head Counselor(s)
1. Zeus Tyler Mannson
2. Poseidon Percy Jackson
3. Hera n/a
4. Apollo Kerry and Anthony Lions
5. Artemis n/a
6. Demeter Katie Gardner
7. Hephaestus Leon Donovon
8. Nemesis Helen Tali
9. Iris Rebecca Washington
10. Hecate Quinn Genuve'
11. Janus Christopher Jones
12. Hades Amanda Schonler
13. The Sanctuary (Rhea and Henry) Vanessa Nunez
14. Hesita n/a
15. Morpheus Leeanna Montler
16. Eros Chad Dwyer
17. Ares Maxine Smolder
18. Aphrodite Ryan Delani
19. Dionysus Pollux
20. Athena Annabeth Chase
21. Hermes Connor and Travis Stoll

SOOOOO Anyway, now that that is out of the way... back to Capture the Flag.... The sides were werent really out weighed... 9 against 10 (The Huntress' were here today...).... not exactly fair... :/....

These were the sides (sorry for all the charts, but their so fun!):

Athena Ares
Poseidon Hades
Zeus Artemis
Hecate Dionysus
Hermes Eros
Apollo Morpheus
Aphrodite Janus
The Sanctuary Hephaestus
Iris Nemesis

Then there was a huge argument over who got Kristenia, she picked Athena, mainly because she and I are Best Friends in CHB now :D

We owned Ares... like it was embarrassing. Not only did we capture their entire offense in little over 3 minuets, but we had their flag in 5...

Kris knew every one of their plans, it was amazing. She is truly a talented and powerful person. Gotta love her.

So yeah, thought I'd tell you about it.

Comment below, camp loves the comments. We read them out loud at camp fires, hahah :D