• sigh* after getting i a fight with y step mother i figered id out stayed my wecome. So now im on my way to Long island and CAMP HALF BLOOD! I wont be there for a few days thow, why? Im taking the bus :/ Thats right big bad daughter of Hades taking the bus. Anyway im happy to be on my way theres nothing new and exiting. But for my 14th brithday my dad gave me a new baby Hellhound her name is Moxie and shes a cutie! But even as a 2 week old puppy she the sizes of a medium dog and were travleing by bus. Fun. Not. Everyone at the station gave me a hard time an then final let her stay on the bus and sit besde me. So to rap this up before i fall asleep im on my way and hope to be there soon.