(Note: This is for the eyes of demigods and clear-sighted mortals only!!)

The Sphinx is on the loose!! I received a message from Olympus a few minutes ago. It was a warning that the sphinx has escaped from it's prison where it's supposed to ask "riddles." But now it has escaped!! All of you might think, "Hey this is no problem. We can just kill it." But no. It is not that easy. We all have auras, right? You might also be thinking this, "So what's the importance of our aura?" Our aura provides us with life. It helps strengthen our powers (for demigods). In the case of clear-sighted mortals your aura helps you stay aware of what is happening around you and you're auras stronger than that of regular mortals who can't see through the Mist. The sphinx feeds on the auras of EVERY DEMIGOD AND MORTAL! Once your aura is gone... You will crumble to dust.

Don't let this happen! Please! Any sign of the sphinx, leave that place where you sighted it IMMEDIATELY. The sphinx can only feed of your auras if you are 1-10 demigods. But bad luck for mortals (sorry) the sphinx can feed of the auras of any amount of mortals. Good news for mortals: if there are 11+ demigods around you, the sphinx can't harm you.

Good luck everyone and may the god's be with you.


SWZala 09:06, April 21, 2010 (UTC)