A demigod hunt has begun. One of my dads: Hades has sent me and IM stating that monsters are escaping Tartarus faster than he can stop them. These monsters are being summoned by some... thing. The monsters are gathering to destroy this demigod who was said to bring the destruction of monsters. The demigod who was born decades before this other hunted demigod was killed by the monsters also. He was a child of all 12.

Who is this hunted demigod?

Me. Yup, that's right. I, SWZala, am being hunted by monsters. I told Chiron about this already. He told me to stay at CHB, but I know that if I stay others will just be harmed. So know I have made a decision. I will leave camp. So this, is farewell. You might not here from me in a long time. Good-bye.

SWZala: Senior Magic Instructor 07:35, April 24, 2010 (UTC)