My own fault, my most grievous fault. This is the English Translation of my title. Why is it entitled like that? It's because I think I know who the denied demigod is in the prophecy of California

He's the rival I was talking about in Bobby's blog, "Camp is invaded again and I become Hades Cabin counselor". I sort of denied him (my rival). I told someone he was close to that I didn't think he was capable of aura manipulation. He heard it and he got mad at me. We ended up having a shouting match. Then he betrayed Camp then joined the invading army. I'm sorry guys. This war is probably my fault. I caused this by denying Alexei (my rival) of his capabilities. I shouldn't have. If it weren't for my stupid behavior, I wouldn't have denied him of his abilities. Yes, I won't mind if you people start scolding me. I might be finding "hate mail" in my talk page after this confession.

I don't know what to do. Alexei... He turned out to become really powerful in Aura Manipulation. He can now create illusions of monsters and raise the dead. He'll be difficult to beat. If we lose this war. It's all MY FAULT!!!! I really shouldn't have... Never mind. You would all probably start yelling at me if we were all face-to-face. My only consolation is if SmokeGirl would tell me the real interpretation of th Prophecy of California. And that she doesn't lie. I'm not challenging anyone, okay. I just...