Okay, so most of you practically know that I am the daughter of the 12. Right? Right! So a few moments ago they all appeared in one of the demigods hideouts where I was staying while resting up after the sphinx attack. They all brought animals with them. One each. They all said they would be my "pets" and protectors while on my trip to see Gilgamesh the King, the only human immortal who doesn't have an aura (he's not a monster). Here's the list.

Parent Creature Name I gave it
Zeus Eagle Cloud
Poseidon Pegasus Snowfire
Hades Hellhound Tidus
Hera Lion Squall (I know it's a name of a bird but, it reminded me of a FF8 character: Squall Leonhart)
Hestia Crane Rossi
Demeter Hamster Bucky (Don't ask me how I got that name. It's pretty embarassing)
Hephaestus Quail Buttercup
Dionysus Tiger Noctis (Reminds me of Noctis from FF versus 13)
Athena Owl Featherball
Artemis Falcon Bulls-eye
Apollo Stag Lightrush
Hermes Pidgeon Blitzball (Reminded me of a FF 10 sport)

I know you guys are wondering how these "pets" are goin' to protect me. I honestly don't know. Another question you're probably thinking, How am I going to manage all of them? For the Pegasus it'll just look like I'm driving a bike or motorcycle. The hellhound will look like a Golden Retriever. The other land animals will just look like other bikers following me or something. The birds... they'll just look like a flock, duh. How do you know what the hellhound, pegasus, and other land animals are going to look like? Simple. The gods told me themselves.