Okay so Smokegirl said a prophecy about me. I need help in figuring out what this means. Let's do it one by one. Shall we?

A child of many Gods''': Me of course

Shall face all the odds: Odds are probably monsters and emotional difficulties...

Finding herself in danger along the way: This is probably the monster demigod hunt

She shall destroy the Monsters that threaten the day,: Self-explanatory

Cursed shall her life be: This doesn't sound so good. Maybe a bad something curses me.

Without her, a war see's no victory: Self-explanatory

Her quest shall lead her to the Darkest Pit: Tartarus

Where she will find a key to fit,: Keys of Hades? Maybe

She shall battle and destroy the mother of Beasts,: Echidna

But she must beware of the tempting feast,: A "buffet" of my fatal flaws?

With a single bite, her quest will end,: I get bitten by a monster? Maybe my fatal flaws "bite" me.

But she will be unable to save her best friend: This CANNOT happen!! If it does what this mysterious fortuneteller, named Angela, told me would be real: You can save others but not those you care about.

The Daughter of the Twelve,: Me... again.

Shall play a part in the Great War,: Great War? War of the Worlds? just kidding. I have no idea for this.

And she alone shall destroy the Door,: Door to what? Door to world of monsters

So none shall enter ever again,: No one could enter the world of monsters?

And the Old Order will become mortal and end.: What's this Old Order? No suggestions on what this means

Well that's all there is to this prophecy Smokegirl told me. Please help me decide what this means. Thanx :)