I was sick on Monday and spent all day at my Grandma's (not with Leto, with my mom's mom). I was there an hour before they woke up, and Apollo appeared!!!

" Lord Apollo." I said with a bow.

" Don't be so formal, kid." he said, but I could tell he liked it.

" Downloaded anything on your iPod lately?" I asked.

" Just about every Beatles song there is," he grinned.

" Cool." I said. Just then, I heard a huge bark and five hellhounds came out of nowhere and trashed Grandma's living room.

Of course, Dad had to blurt out some limerick about hellhounds and flaming arrows instead of getting his danged bow.

After we battled for a bit, he complimented me on my archery skills and warned me about prophecies and my third grandma, Hera, who has tried to kill me since the day I was born. Nearly getting trampled by cows at three weeks old is NOT fun.

When was the last time you got a visit from your Olympian parent?