So we are back in Camp Half Blood Long Island and upon our arrival, Chiron announced the outcome of the votes.

And the winner is....

A TIE! -.- (Three way....)

Yeah, I know. That sounds like it sucks, but it actually is quite good. Chiron was actually planning a re-vote, but the 3 winners were totally okay with sharing the responsibility.


  • Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena
  • Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon
  • Mila, Daughter of the Oracle of Delphi

The Head counselor at Camp Half Blood California is Amber Stout, Daughter of Zeus.


So anyway, CHB Cali was really fun. We did a few activities with the camp, and it was great to see my old friend Theta again. She told us alot about Jeremy. I had him placed in an orphanage in London, where he was adopted... So next stop on our quest? London England! :D

I personally had a lot of.... drama going on...

First I had Grant ask me is I loved him still.... And i don't think I do...

Then Ryan asked me if I was going to date Grant, which I'm not.... So then me and Ryan kissed and now I think we're a thing... and I REALLY like Ryan, but I don't want to hurt Grant... If you know about love... HELP!

SmokeGirl 21:22, May 5, 2010 (UTC)