My Mom, The Oracle of Delphi, explained somethings to me.

  • I have no father. I was created from her spirit, and molded to look like Rachel.
  • I have Purple, yes purple, like lilac, eyes and they glow green whenever I have a prophecy, which is REALLY rare.
  • My hair is red like Rachel's.
  • I am immortal, go figure.

This is how my mom claimed me:

She Called me the Daughter of Truth and my eyes began to glow green for the first time as green smoke danced around my body. Standing there when this happened was Alexander and Rhea. Rachel was kind of bothered by the idea for a while, but we're okay now. We found out I was immortal, in quite a strange way....

Alexander asked Rhea where I would stay, at first, she said the sanctuary... but then Adrian (Daughter-of-Poseidon19) passed by and Rhea used her sword, Tidal Wave, to cut my hand... my blood not only wasn't red, but my cut healed in seconds... What color is my blood you ask? Imagine mixing a medium purple, a light purple and red, all together, but the colors not fully mixing... like they just stay swirled... its weird and extremely cool. Ur jealous! hahah :D

Then we played Capture the Flag, and the sides fought over me, and it was... special.... Chiron had to step in and break up the almost fist fight between Percy and Frank (son of Nemesis) after Frank called Annabeth a "dumb blonde idiot with a freak boyfriend"... that was fun to watch.... I though Percy was going to pummel Frank...

So Chiron made me choose a side, and I obviously picked Athena... which may or may not have been a good idea but hey, my best friend was on the Athena side, and I wasn't going to fight her... not that i actually fought, i really just stood by the flag and described everyone one of my visions. :D

So yeah, that's what happened today... I got to go, Adrian wants to check her email for this :D


SmokeGirl 02:01, April 24, 2010 (UTC)