On our way back to NY, Percy and Annabeth had said they wanted to visit CHB California. Grant wasn't too into this, he would rather go search for clues about Jeremy, but Percy said how the Camp Director at CHB Cali, is a Demigod (and Immortal for 1000 years) Daughter of Athena, Atheta. The second I heard the name, I had a flash back. She and I not only knew each other, but she was my best friend. Grant and I thought for sure she would know where I hid Jeremy... We haven't gotten to CHB Cali yet, but be on the look out for us. Tell me what you look like, I might be able to find you :D

  • Percy had Blueish Green eyes and shaggy black hair, you'll know him the second you see him.
  • Annabeth had Silvery grey eyes and very long, though usually in a pony tail, blonde curly hair.
  • I had purple eyes, long curly red hair and... well you'll be able to know who I am just by looking at my purple eyes.
  • Adrian had long curly brown hair and the same color eyes as Percy.
  • Grant has Strawberry blonde hair, green eyes and pale skin... he, uh , hasn't be in the sun in 17 years....

So look for us, we'll be there by tonight. I'll blog once we arrive :D

See you soon :D