Alright, so here at CHB I heard Chiron talking to some head counselors about an Overall Counselor Election Day. Zala posted this, and I decided it would be easier of more than one person posted it... we don't all know the same people...

# God Head Counselor(s)
1. Zeus Tyler Mannson
2. Poseidon Percy Jackson
4. Apollo Kerry and Anthony Lions
Big House Mila
6. Demeter Katie Gardner
7. Hephaestus Leon Donovon
8. Nemesis Helen Tali
9. Iris Rebecca Washington
10. Hecate Quinn Genuve'
11. Janus Christopher Jones
12. Hades Amanda Schonler
13. The Sanctuary (Rhea and Henry) Vanessa Nunez
15. Morpheus Leeanna Montler
16. Eros Chad Dwyer
17. Ares Maxine Smolder
18. Aphrodite Ryan Delani
19. Dionysus Pollux
20. Athena Annabeth Chase
21. Hermes Connor and Travis Stoll
22. Shadow Wolf Cabin SWZala

To vote, just type in the cabin of your decision. NO DOUBLE VOTING. Your vote would be considered null and void. If you change your decision. after you voted just type, "New decision..." then the cabin. You can only change TWICE! Thank you for your time.

SmokeGirl 12:24, May 2, 2010 (UTC)